Industrial & Household Chemicals

Distinctive products should have exceptional partners to guide them.


With the unique requirements of chemical products, our team is diligent in providing unique solutions that work with the limitations that comes with the territory. When you need options to differentiate your product in the market, a better solution to increase run speeds, or to provide a safer transit, trust that our engineers to lean on & guide your team through the process.

Providing a Range of
Industrial & Household Chemical Packaging



  • SQF level certified facilities with food safe security
  • Unmatched graphics & printing up to 10 color HD or EG printing capabilities
  • In-house plate making, registered gloss, matte & specialty coatings
  • Options for multiple consumer conveniences like: Easy open Laser Tear or Perforations, Handles, EZ open,
  • Inno-lock, & Velcro
  • Wide Range capabilities to match size profiles from small to large
  • Film solutions for: scuff, heat, abrasive & puncture resistance

Rollstock for Horizontal & VFFS Machines

  • Custom films with unique barrier features
  • Machinability with optimal sealing through contamination
  • Exceptional Oxygen & Moisture barrier features
  • High speed film structures for efficient yield & processing

Flat Bottom Pouch

  • Two web pouch, ability to mix substrates
  • Side panel product viewing windows
  • Self-standing and spill resistant

Fold Over Bottom

  • Large bottom for laydown display

Bags & Pouches

  • Wide variety & range of sizes from small to large
  • Range of consumer convenience features:
  • EZ open, Velcro & recloseable, punch-out holes & handles
  • Solutions for dry, wet, frozen & natural pet foods

Quad Seal & Box Pouch

  • One web printing, versatile size range
  • Self-standing
  • Easy fill

Doyen Style Stand Up Pouch

  • Terminated gussets for easy fill, easy to remove contents
  • Gusseted bottom

Sprayer, Caps & Bottles

Looking for a fit that comes together for your products in one place? Pick from our stock options or let us help you with a custom fit that suits your product


Large Variety of caps to choose from

  • Continueous Thread
  • Flip Top
  • Single & Dual Flip Top
  • Push Pull
  • Strap Caps

Custom bottle options to fit your products

  • Stock molds available to choose from
  • Custom color matching
  • Window stripe available on many items

Large variety of sprayers to choose from

  • Trigger Sprayers with various out puts
  • Dispensing Pumps
  • Hose Nozzles & more

pop displays

Designed to increase product visibility in the marketplace & maximize your brand impact, POP Displays & Boxes are a great way to make a splash.


  • Variety of production ranges of small to large format
  • Counter Display, Shelf Display, & Floor Display
  • Multiple Printing options to choose from
  • Digital, Litho-Label, & Flexographic Printing
  • Easy set up & functionality to drive retail sales

Retail Ready Display

  • Brand Awareness & Identifiability for Shoppers
  • Easy to Open & Display within the supply network
  • Retail ready features like handles, holes for product breathability, & windows for product visibility

Floor Display

  • Designed for small to large Displays in the supply network
  • Increases Product Visibility to Consumers
  • Easy to set up & Functional for retail chains

Shelf Display

  • Designed for small to medium point of purchase
  • Creates Brand Awareness
  • Retail ready windows for excellent product visibility

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